Green Kratom Hulu

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  • Green Hulu is a perfect strain for being productive and efficient throughout the day.
  • It usually works best for milder aches and pains when it comes to pain.
  • Not as sedating or heavy as Maeng Da or red vein strains, Green Hulu is not as good for severe pain
  • It’s thought to be a great concentration and focus strain that lasts throughout the day.
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Green Hulu For Anxiety:

  • Its centering and calming effects make green Hulu one of the top choices for alleviating anxious thoughts.
  • Since it’s not a sedative strain, but rather energetic and mood-boosting, it can balance out anxious thoughts.

Relevant Info

What Exactly is White Hulu Kratom?

All White kratom strains including White Hulu kratom are harvested early on before the Kratom plant reaches full maturity . This early harvesting prevents the leaves from getting their natural green color.

White strains of Kratom have an unique alkaloid profile that promotes stimulation and nootropic effects. Most kratom users who enjoy white-vein strains report a boost in energy, better mood, increased focus and energy and an overall since of euphoria.

Hulu kratom is native to the banks of the Kapuas River in Indonesia where the soil is thought to be sacred by locals, this is part of the reason this strain is so rare and beloved.

What Makes White Hulu Kratom Different?

White Hulu kratom has an extensive list of alkaloids present in the leaves, particularly high concentrations of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

White Hulu ranks among the most energetic! Most users of white Hulu compare it to drinking several cups of coffee.

White Hulu is also a fantastic mood booster! Due to its mild euphoric tendencies it’s perfect for that extra pick me up

White Hulu has fantastic pain relieving effects but it is recommended in a bit higher of a dose to achieve.

Because White Hulu is so stimulating it’s not recommended for anxiety relief but similar to helping with pain it is achievable in higher doses.

The same with pain management and Anxiety Relief sedation is not White Hulu’s strong point but once again with an increased dose can also be achieved.

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