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White Kratom Benefits: Increased Focus, Pain Reduction, Mental Clarity, Assists In Addiction Reduction

What is white kratom?

White kratom is developed from the kratom tree, found in Southeast Asia. There are many different strains of white kratom. Color denotation refers to the color of the veins of the leaf before it is plucked from the tree. White kratom is found by catching kratom leaves early in their maturation process. The veins of the leaf are white, denoting that the leaf isn’t quite ripe. This is the best time to pick white kratom to achieve optimal effects. Two of the most popular strains of white kratom include Maeng Da, which is quite common and easy to access, and white Borneo kratom which is quite rare to find.


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How does it work?

The leaves of the kratom tree contain a psychoactive known as “mitragynine.” This psychoactive has similar properties to other pharmacological pain inhibitors such as codeine and morphine. It is a natural byproduct of kratom leaves. White kratom also contains the narcotic 7-hyrdroxymitraginine and has been said to be very effective in pain management. 

What are some of the benefits of white kratom?

White is one of the most potent forms of kratom in existence. This potency stems from its immediate effectiveness. Once taken, the white kratom begins to work as a psychoactive, inhibiting the brain’s pain receptors and reducing one’s anxiety. White kratom specifically has been touted to not only reduce pain but also to reduce stress levels in the body and induce a euphoric, high-energy state.

White kratom has been used for many years as a mood-lifter and an antidepressant. It has also been touted to improve focus and offer greater mental clarity. Kratom has also been found to assist people who are fighting opioid addiction by helping to decrease their cravings.


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What are the characteristics of white kratom?

The white kratom nomenclature stems from what is observed when the kratom leaves are harvested – during the very early stages of ripeness of the leaf – when the veins of the leaf appear white – is when white kratom is created. The leaves are stripped from the plant during this early stage of ripeness to maintain the potency of the strain and then either ground up and powdered or consumed raw for an immediate impact. 

Are there any side-effects?

As with all medication, whether pharmacological or natural, there is a risk of adverse side-effects. Kratom is no different. It is highly recommended that before you use kratom, you consult with your medical professional to see if it might be an option for you. Possible side-effects of kratom are: dry mouth, itching, headaches, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and mood changes.

What are some characteristics of White kratom?

How much white kratom should I take?

It is always better when trying a new substance like kratom, which is unprescribed, to start with a small dose and build your tolerance up. The general consensus is that white kratom is to be taken in small doses initially – one gram is the recommendation – to test your tolerance to the drug. If you start to feel only mild effects, then you could increase by another gram. Essentially, the principle is to increase the dosage till you feel the necessary psychological effects but be very careful not to go overboard. White kratom is most effective at around 2-4 grams for the average user.

How does it compare to red and green kratom?

The other two most popular types of kratom are ‘red kratom’ and ‘green kratom’. Red kratom can be identified by the red coloring on the stems and veins of the leaves, the same is true for green kratom.

Red kratom is often seen as a trusty source of kratom for beginners to the product, due to its calming effect. Green kratom, on the other hand, is similar to white, as it is used to treat pain and discomfort, however, green kratom does not have the drowsy effects that is often associated with white kratom.

Where do I buy it?

Our online store sells many different types of kratom, including white kratom – in fact, it is among our most popular sellers. If you’re struggling with mood regulation, depression, anxiety, stress, and pharmaceuticals aren’t working for you, then it’s entirely possible that white kratom could. 

There are many different types of white kratom available and so you should consult with us to find out which strain might work for you. White kratom is perfect for those dealing with pain and poor mood regulation, depression, and anxiety. Contact us to learn more about the product, and check out our online store to make a purchase.