Elephant Kratom

There are lots of different strains of kratom, one of the newest options available to users is the “elephant” strain. This strain of kratom derives its name from the shape of the leaves that it is made from. They are shaped like the head of an elephant. That leaf shape is one of the only physical differences between this strain and other strains – in fact, most elephant kratom leaves appear green in color.

Elephant kratom is grown on the largest of kratom trees, and due to it’s large leaf size is therefore biochemically very different from any of it’s kratom counterparts. The large leaf size gives elephant kratom the ability to harbour greater amounts of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This makes it one of the most powerful strains of kratom on the market.

Despite its popularity however, elephant kratom is very rare find indeed, as it’s large leaf size takes up the bulk of the some of the branches of the kratom tree, so many growers choose to go with growing the more popular, more affordable and easier to grow options.

In fact, most kratom growers don’t even grow elephant kratom, instead, elephant kratom leaves are sourced from natural growth trees in the rainforests of Indonesia.

What are the benefits of elephant kratom?

Due to the rarity and therefore lack of widespread availability of elephant kratom, the effects of the substance are not fully known and therefore not reliably predictable. However, the information we do have tells us that one of the main benefits of elephant kratom is its mood-lifting capacity. Elephant kratom is great to take if you need to wake up, or if you’re feeling down and suffering from some form of depression, elephant kratom may well give you that boost that you’re looking for.

It is not recommended that you start mixing or blending elephant kratom with other strains of kratom just yet – as mentioned above, due to the rarity of the strain, it’s difficult to get a handle on just how elephant kratom interacts with other strains once digested.

How is elephant kratom administered?

Elephant kratom can mostly be found in capsule and powder form. It’s farmed the same way as other types of kratom – the leaves are ground up into a fine powder and either encapsulated, or sold as-is. As with other types of kratom, elephant kratom can be mixed with citrus juices to ensure a faster-acting, long lasting effect, as the citrus found in juices like orange juice, lemonade or apple juice react with the chemicals found in elephant to ensure a faster delivery to the body.

Elephant kratom is difficult to find on the market due to the difficult nature of production – however, it is definitely possible to locate a source and some of the sellers of elephant kratom have even begun to sell the product in liquid form, which could be mixed into a drink.

What dose of elephant kratom is safe?

As elephant kratom is a particularly powerful substance, especially to those who are newcomers to kratom, and even if you’re not, elephant kratom is quite a step up from green or white, or indeed red kratom that you might be otherwise used to. One important thing to learn about dosing with elephant kratom is that starting off small and working your way up is the best way to go.

It’s also important that you follow the advice of medical professionals when it comes to administering kratom. Talk with your doctor about what might be the best way for you to take kratom: either in a pill, liquid or powder form, and then set about microdosing your way into the elephant kratom world.

Start off with as little as one or two grams and see if that has any effect, and go up by a gram or half a gram each time until you reach the desired effect. This should be done slowly over time, so as to build up your body’s tolerance to elephant kratom. It’s very important that once you find a dosage level that works for you, that you do not exceed that dosage level – you don’t know what would happen to your body if you were to take such a risk, so don’t. The normal highest recommended dosage for those taking elephant kratom is eight grams.

Where to buy?

Elephant kratom can be purchased through our online store. Reach out today with your questions about elephant kratom.