Green Kratom Benefits:  Increased Energy, Long Lasting Effects, Blissful, Stress Reduction , Mood Enhancement.

What is Green Kratom?

Green kratom is a derivative of the kratom plant, commonly found in Southeast Asia. It comes in several different types and strains, each having their own effect on your body. The scientific name for the kratom tree is “Mitragyna speciosa”, the leaves of the tree have been used for since at least the nineteenth century as a herbal medicine. Green kratom grows natively in Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.  Kiody Kratom gets all of its Kratom exclusively from Indonesia that we have seen no where else 

How does it work?

Green kratom, like most other kratom strains, contain a psychoactive known as “mitragynine” – derived from it’s name. Mitragynine boasts similar effects to pharmaceutical drugs for the same ailments – which is why many people who previously would have used opioids are switching to kratom. In particular, the mitragynine found in green kratom is a fantastic option for those dealing with pain, mood swings and a lack of energy.

Because of the way that green kratom interacts with the body, it is often seen as a middle-of-the-road type of kratom in its attractiveness for newcomers to kratom.

What are some of the benefits of green kratom?

If you are experiencing symptoms such as muscle aches or fatigue, jitteriness or a general decrease in energy levels, then green kratom may be the right type of kratom for you. Like most other forms of kratom, green kratom can be taken as a capsule, or as a drink mix – like it’s sister kratom, “White Maeng Da”, green kratom can also be combined with a citrusy drink in order to shorten the time between consumption and reaction.

Particularly popular among users is the green “Maeng Da” kratom, this is due to its pleasant aroma, which is said to have a calming effect on users. Furthermore, green kratom users experience an intense boost of energy levels and an increase in concentration. Green kratom is also said to have increased clarity of the mind, a type of euphoria. Later on in the process, as green kratom works its way through your body, many users have reported a sense of relaxation. Obviously, everybody is different and will react differently to this substance, but there are many potential benefits, regardless of what you might be looking for in using green kratom.

What are some characteristics of green kratom?

Green kratom can be characterised by the green colour on the leaves of the kratom tree from which it is plucked. Green is often signified, in the plant world, to mean full ripeness – and green kratom is no different. In terms of harvesting kratom trees for their leaves, green kratom leaves are at full maturity and will have different effects from those same leaves harvested when the veins of the leaf are white – which is where you get “white kratom” from. In the countries where green kratom is grown, one of the most popular methods of consumption of green kratom is to eat the leaf as-is, as a more direct method of
administering kratom.

What dose is right for me?

Tolerance levels matter.  While safe, everything in moderation is always a good rule of thumb.  Any user of green kratom should not be dosing themselves more than 8g/day. It all depends on your tolerance levels and experience in using green kratom – or kratom of any sort.

We recommend Green kratom should be used at the following levels:

Beginner: 1g
Light dose: 2-3g
Medium dosage3-5g
Heavy dosage6-8g

It is important when using any type of kratom to build up your tolerance levels to higher dosages. You should also stop dosing once you have figured out where on the spectrum of doses you are, in order to create the effect or health benefits you desire.

Kratom, like any other psychoactive, can lead to bad outcomes for the user if used unwisely or without caution, so it is crucial that you are careful and respectful of the power of kratom.