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If you’ve never heard of Malay kratom before, you’re not alone. Even if you’ve been around the kratom world for quite some time, Malay kratom is one of the lesser-known strains of kratom available. This is due to the difficulty to obtain Malay, its scarsity and the gruelling process it takes to grow it.

Malay kratom comes from the Malay peninsula – an area mostly populated by dense, hot and humid rainforest. The weather patterns in the Malay peninsula make it a fantastic place to grow any tree or plant, and a particularly fantastic place to grow different types of kratom. The peninsula experiences, on average, over 100 inches of rain every year, with an average temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius. 

This mixture of punishing rainfall and hot, humid weather make for prime growing ground for Malay kratom. The greater the amount of moisture in the air, the more pungent and powerful the strain of grown kratom will be.

What strains does Malay kratom come in?

Malay kratom is most commonly found as part of the green strain of kratom. Green Malay kratom is sold in three forms: capsules, liquid and powdered form. Currently, Malay kratom is only grown in combination with green kratom – as the objective of those who grow Malay kratom is to offer the end-user a mixed experience, between the sleepy, relaxant offerings of red kratom and the energizing, rejuvenating offerings of white kratom. Green Malay seeks to bridge the gap and offer a little of both.


Kiody sources the best from Indonesia.

What are some of the benefits of Malay Kratom?

The benefits of green Malay kratom will often depend on your dosage. The dosage can be determined by your age, weight, metabolism and previous experience with Malay kratom.

At lower doses, Malay kratom is used as a stimulant. It has been known to improve mood, focus and concentration. It’s perfect to mix with your morning tea to get yourself going and start the day feeling fresh.

At higher doses, Malay kratom is taken to alleviate chronic pain. If you’re suffering from an injury that is causing you recurring discomfort, or have had a condition all of your life that often causes you pain, Malay kratom might well work for you. But it only does this at higher doses, so you should be careful how much you consume. Malay kratom is often used as an alternative to, or to compliment pharmaceutical medications in patients from chronic bone or muscular conditions such as cerebral palsy, MS, etc.

At any dosage, Malay kratom’s main effect on users is that it decreases their levels of anxiety. This makes it the perfect choice for those consumed by issues like chronic anxiety.

What are some of the Benefits of Malay Kratom?

How much Malay kratom should I take?

Malay kratom, like other forms of kratom, should be taken sparingly and only when needed. Given Malay’s high potency, it is not necessary to take a lot of this strain of kratom throughout the day. It’s main function is to decrease one’s level of anxiety, and so given that it deals with psychological brain function, it is particularly prone to overdose.

Users who are new to kratom, and particularly new to Malay kratom should begin with only one gram – as it’s effects are fairly long-lasting – four-plus hours is the usual efficacy rate. Then, if users still aren’t feeling the desired effects, up the dosage by one gram and continue to up the dosage by a single gram till the desired effect is achieved.

Usually it is not recommended that users of kratom of any sort exceed between five and eight gram doses. However, the lower of those two numbers is the recommended maximum dose for Malay kratom, due to its potency.

Most lower level doses of Malay kratom are more than enough to satisfy the average end user and Malay kratom is usually only effective as a painkiller or anxiety-reduction medication at higher doses. It is due to this higher-than-normal dose-to-efficacy ratio that users are encouraged to microdose their way up the ladder to the maximum recommended dose and see how their body reacts. Users should not exceed the maximum recommended dose once they have found that plateau, as it can be dangerous to their health.

It is important to consult with your doctor before taking any additional substances than your prescribed medication.

Where can I buy Malay kratom?

For those looking to experiment with Malay kratom, it can be purchased via our website. Don’t hesitate to reach out and see if we can assist you with your purchase. We’ll do our best to offer you advice on what form you’d like your kratom in, and what dosage is right for you based on your needs.

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