Kratom Leaf Type

Green Kratom
Green kratom from Indonesia can be taken as a capsule, or as a drink mix. A fantastic option for those dealing with pain, mood swings and a lack of energy.

Red Kratom
Red kratom, from leaves that have red veins, has a much heavier effect on the psyche. Viewed as a relaxant, it’s the longest-lasting of all three kratom strains, lasting for between six to eight hours.

White Kratom
White kratom is made from young, unripe leaves when the veins are white. White kratom reduces pain and stress levels in the body while encouraging a euphoric, high-energy state.

Kratom Strain Type

Enhance the senses, pain relief, anxiety reduction, treatment for chronic pain, enhanced focus and concentration, and increases cognitive function.

Mood-lifting. Great to take if you need to wake up, or if you’re feeling down and suffering from some form of depression.

Balancing. Increases focus and concentration. Helps to unwind and relax. Reduces anxiety and alleviates tension.

Green Ketapang eases anxiety and stress, reduce drowsiness and grogginess of a morning. Red strain Ketapang is calming, soothing, anxiety-reducing strain that helps people sleep easier at night. 

Maeng Da
Maeng Da is a grafted variety that enhances the effects of the white, red and green kratom leaf types.

Improve mood, focus and concentration. Alleviate chronic pain. Decrease anxiety

Eases suffering from anxiety, depression, or a chronic, painful illness.


For Anxiety
If you’re suffering from anxiety, your brain is producing a high level of serotonin and dopamine and norepinephrine. The brain’s serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine receptors are often the receptors that kratom’s chemicals ‘go after’ when they enter the bloodstream.

For Depression
Increase productivity and energy levels in those who struggle with getting out of bed in the morning, along with increased mental clarity and sense of focus, giving those who suffer from depression the ability to maintain focus on a particular task, which helps avert one’s mind off one’s crises.

For Energy
Kratom is very good at energizing the body; it is why Kratom is primarily used as a psychoactive stimulant inducing high-energy and acting as a pick-me-up in the morning.

For Pain
In terms of pain management, kratom also latches onto the nociceptors in the brain – nociceptors are the receptors in the brain that manage your pain threshold.

For Relaxation
These leaves contain mitragynine, a chemical that activates certain receptors in the brain, particularly those receptors that produce dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline.

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