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What is kratom?

Kratom goes by many names.  Scientifically it is known as (Mitragyna speciosa); but it is commonly also known as Krypton, Thang, Kakuam, Ketum, Thom, and Biak-Biak (common name in Thailand).

It is an evergreen tree related to the coffee family and grows Southeast Asia.  The leaves have been used medicinally since at least the 19th century by countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea.  Commonly, workers in Thailand would use Kratom to increase energy, stamina, and limit fatigue.  At lower doses Kratom works as a stimulant while at higher doses it takes on euphoric and opioid like depressant effects.

Kratom is typically broken into three different colors and types.  Green-vein, Red-vein, and White-vein.  This distinction is based on the color of the stem and vein of the leaf.  Look closely at the kratom leaf and you will see that the stem and vein have a particular color.  Similar to Indica and Sativa, with marijuana, kratom has Red, White, and Green veins.  Each color has a unique effect on the mind and the body.  For example, the red strains typically have a positive mood boosting effect that is relaxing and calming, similar to an indica.  The white strains are more energy boosting and are known for energy stimulation, similar to sativa.  The green strains are a mix between the red and the white giving a positive energy and pleasant feeling, similar to hybrids.  Typically, only the leaf is used and the stem and vein are taken out during the grinding process.

Yes, Kratom is legal.  While there are some state and city municipalities that do not allow Kratom, it is Federally Legal and able to be purchased, sold, and consumed.  See more detailed info on Kratom legalization.

How long has Kiody Kratom been in business?

We have been in business almost 2 years now. After over a year of trying to find a trusted source abs we finally did and now we want to share it with all. Kiody doesn’t just carry everyone’s Kratom so we know we have the best on the market.

Does Kiody Kratom have a store that I can visit?

We do! We currently have a store in sunny beautiful Colorado springs! We have other stores in the works from Coast to Coast! But we are ready to deliver anywhere in the world! with certain exceptions.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

We gladly accept all credit cards! Plus with Kiody Kratom your payment is always secured and safe!

Is their a minimum age to buying Kratom?

The law requires the age of 18 for any purchase from Kiody Kratom. We are here if you meet the age requirements

Is Kratom illegal?

Kratom is federally legal but there have been some states and cities that haven’t really done the homework. We find it sad but we want to obey laws and hope all Kratom suppliers will do the same! We win these battles because we follow the laws and self regulate with our testing standards. The following states and cities we cannot ship to. With your help we can one day make these states see the benefits.States illegal and cities – Arkansas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Vermont, Alabama, Rhode Island, San Diego, CA , Sarasota Florida. Please Contact us if you have any questions about your state legalities.

Is Kratom safe?

OUR Unaltered Kratom is more than safe! With a lab tested product like Kiody Kratom carries we know it safe and we trust it. We don’t only sell our amazing products but are major consumers. Obviously we cannot speak for other producers or suppliers, but with Kiody Kratom you can trust the fact that we sell only the best found grade A Kratom. It has been a miracle in our lives and always safe!

How long does Kratom last?

From our personal experience and customer feedback we have found that the effects of Kratom last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.  With our personal intake around every 4 hours we have found a great feeling and a good amount of time in between dosing.  

What color Kratom is the strongest?

From our farms we only use what is called Wild Harvested Leaf. From the science behind Kratom we have found that Green Leaf Kratom regardless of Strain always test at the highest profile. They all have a unique feeling and can all be used together or apart.

The debate is wide and ever expanding! We have found that the best way to consume is with powder, warm water and some juice. We always follow with water and lots of it. But the options are many. From Coffee to tea and as far as cake kratom can be consumed and enjoyed.

What is Kratom used for?

Kratom is used for so many amazing reliefs! Our customers have reported such a wide variety of help. Anxiety, minor aches and pains, depression, fatigue are just a few to name. Kiody Kratom desires to help all no matter the issues! Contact us for more information on some more of the amazing benefits.

Does Kratom get you high?

Tested and unaltered Kratom has not been known for any psychotropic effects.  Relief absolutely but this isn’t a drug and doesn’t serve to get people high.

Is Kratom an opiate?

It is not an opioid and shouldn’t be compared to any! Kratom is its own unique product and it serves to help! 

What is Kratom powder?

Kratom from lab tested and safe vendors such as Kiody Kratom is EXACTLY what we say it is.  It is a 100% pure leaf, ground up to a nano size and zero fillers. Its 100% pure leaf and 100% safe!

Yes.  Kratom is legal and very effective in increasing energyrelieving pain, and improving focus.  All 3 are very important to athletes and sports related endeavors.