Ketapang Kratom

Ketapang, like most other kratom comes from the mitragyna speciosa tree, found in the dense rainforests of Southeast Asia, in countries such as Borneo, Indonesia and Thailand, among others. The tropical climate of these rainforests – punishing humidity mixed with torrential downpours, make for an ideal growth climate for kratom trees. It is this electric mix of heat and rain that gives Ketapang kratom – and indeed other strains of kratom found in these dense forests – it’s special kick. 

Ketapang kratom is well known for it’s high concentration of alkaloids – stemming from the intensity of its growth cycle, which give it a very high potency rate and make it among the fastest acting kratom strains out there. Some users have reported the efficacy rate to be as little as fifteen minutes following consumption.

Unlike other forms of kratom, Ketapang kratom is often found in many different colours, though obviously, three kratom colors dominate the kratom market – green, red and white, Ketapang kratom can be found in yellow or even gold strains. Remember that the colour denotes the colour of the veins of the leaf from which the kratom is harvested. The yellow Ketapang in particular comes from the extensivity of the drying process – where the leaves are dried under intense UV light or left out to dry under intense sunlight, giving them the yellow-brown colour. It is this drying process which gives gold Ketapang it’s pungent aroma and punchy effects.

What is the difference between strains of Ketapang?

Ketapang kratom can be administered in many different ways. One of the most popular ways to take the green variant of Ketapang is to take it as a powder, mixed with tea. One cup of tea mixed with green Ketapang powder in the morning is often said to be enough to keep a user going all day long.

The difference between the effects of the green Ketapang and the red Ketapang could not be more stark. Whereas the green Ketapang is a pick-me-up, the red version of the same thing is very much a put-me-down. Forgive the negative connotation – far from it – red Ketapang kratom works wonders for those who are restless in the evening. It has a calming aroma and its effects are similar to that of other red strains of kratom.

What are some of the benefits of Ketapang kratom?

The benefits of Ketapang kratom, as is true with other substrains, largely depend on what type of kratom you’re taking. Green Ketapang kratom leaves have been shown to ease anxiety and stress, reduce drowsiness and grogginess of a morning, and offer a coffee-esque boost to one’s day. Whereas the red strain of Ketapang has the opposite effect. It’s a calming, soothing, anxiety-reducing strain that helps people sleep easier at night. 

Those who use the white variant of Ketapang kratom can be sure to experience similar effects as those who’ve used the green variant. However, white Ketapang produces a far milder side effect.

Some of the effects of taking either green, white or a combination of both have been said to last for up to four hours. This makes it a perfect introduction to your day that will keep you going till lunch.

How much Ketapang kratom should I take?

Ketapang kratom, due to it’s effectiveness as a mood-lifter, is typically taken in powdered form, though it can be found online in capsules. This powdered form makes Ketapang kratom much easier to dissolve in things like tea, even in water. The powdered form of Ketapang, and indeed most other kratom strains, is the most active and direct way to consume kratom – short of eating the raw leaf yourself.

A simple teaspoon of active Ketapang powder is enough to keep you going for several hours. Depending on the type of Ketapang you consume, one teaspoon should be enough for you. Given that one teaspoon is roughly equal to 3-4 grams of kratom, you wouldn’t want to be consuming more than one per day, regardless of whether you’re having green, red or white Ketapang.

Where can I buy Ketapang kratom?

If you’re looking to purchase Ketapang kratom, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our online store and we will guide you through the purchasing process and help you decide which strain of Ketapang kratom is right for you. No matter whether you’re interested in it as a mood-lifter or a mellowing aid after a hard day, we can help you learn more about Ketapang kratom and decide how much you need, and what type of Ketapang you need.