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Bali Kratom is a derivative of kratom found mostly on the Indonesian island of Bali, hence the name. Bali kratom is a substrain of both red, white or green kratom leaves, with the most popular being the red bali kratom leaf, which has multiple uses and varying efficacy.

Much like it’s kratom cousin, Bali kratom offers the user much by way of relaxation properties. It is generally one of the most popular types of kratom precisely because of it’s relaxing properties. Its popularity is from offering the end user pain and anxiety management and a slight boost in energy levels.

Do you know all the benefits of Bali Kratom?

Bali kratom is also different from other kratom in the levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine found in the leaf. Most kratom leaves, whether they be red, green or white and substrains contain some balance between these two chemical compounds and the balance found within the leaves, often denotes what substrain of kratom you’re dealing with.

Bali kratom is a highly potent form of red and green kratom, usually sold in powdered or encapsulated form, its high potency is owed to this powdered form of distribution. For those who seek a more immediate relief, Bali kratom leaves can be chewed – and in fact, this has been the normal method of consumption for the people living in Bali and Indonesia more broadly.  


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What are some of the benefits of
Bali Kratom?

Some of the benefits of Bali kratom include its ability to enhance the senses. It also offers pain relief, anxiety reduction, treatment for chronic pain, enhanced focus and concentration, and increases cognitive function.

Therefore, Bali kratom would be a fantastic option for those who feel sluggish, either physically or intellectually. It would also help those with anxiety and mood issues and may even help those who suffer from some form of cognitive impairment.

The negative side-effects of Bali Kratom can include mood swings and a loss of appetite. It is very important when dealing with Bali Kratom that you do not overdose on it. If you’re unsure of what dosage is right for you, consult with us.

Bali kratom is not necessarily recommended for beginner users, as it is a particularly potent strain and therefore can have detrimental effects if you’re not careful.


Bali kratom: best for sleep

One of the best uses for red bali kratom in particular is it’s utility as a sleeping tool. Red kratom leaves are characterized by the red coloration on their stems and veins, and can be a very popular option for those who have trouble sleeping. Due to the ability of Bali kratom to mellow the user out, it is very popular to take at the end of the day, when you want to relax.

Combatting opioid withdrawals

Another fantastic application of Bali kratom is in combating opioid addiction. For those who might be recovering from substance abuse, Bali kratom may be an option. When you are craving your next hit, the cortisol levels in your body are at an all-time high, because you’re frantically searching for the thing that will calm you down. Due to the high presence of alkaloids in Bali kratom, it can have a pacifying effect on those withdrawal symptoms, as the alkaloids act as a counterbalance to bring down those high cortisol levels in the body. 

Usage in place of pharmaceuticals

While, once again, kratom has never and likely will never be touted as a ‘cure’ substance, it does have the capacity to be used in place of what are often seen as traditional, pharmacological methods of treatment for mental illnesses of various types. Due to its calming effects, Bali kratom can be used in place of anti-anxiety medication, or indeed, sleeping pills.

What dose should you take?

Generally speaking, if you’re a newcomer to Bali Kratom, it’s important that you start off slow and increase your tolerance over time. As this is a psychoactive substance, the last thing you’ll want to do is to overdose and end up with more problems than you had initially. It’s important to microdose yourself until you find a level that is comfortable for you, and aids with the problems you’re facing.

You will likely find that Bali kratom is better off for certain things in lower doses and better off for certain things at higher doses. For example, it takes an awful lot of Bali kratom to reduce the effects of muscular fatigue or other traumatic injuries. However, it is far more effective to ameliorate the effects of things like anxiety and PTSD at lower doses.

Where to buy?

Bali kratom is sold through our online store in Green, Red, and White varieties.

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