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Red Kratom Benefits:  Pain Reduction, Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Sleep Enhancement, Anxiety Reduction

What is Red Kratom?

Red kratom, unlike its other-color kratom cousins: “white kratom” and “green kratom” – each grown in many Southeast Asian countries, is localized to Indonesia. Leaves from the red kratom trees have veins that appear red in color, hence the name “red kratom”.


Whether you desire the tried and true high quality original kratom or the increased potency and fast acting Farm Fresh Kratom, Kiody Kratom delivers consistency and highly effective proven results in every package.

Our red kratom specifically targets the needs of those dealing with persistent pain, anxiety & stress, or lack of meaningful sleep. Gone are the days of feeling uptight for no reason or being irritated without knowing why.  Increase the quality of life for you and the loved ones you interact with.  Kiody Red Kratom is sourced from Indonesia and its effectiveness is guaranteed or your money back!

A careful inspection of any red kratom leaf should produce red veins – that’s how you know it’s red kratom – and a strong, pungent aroma. Many producers in Southeast Asia market their products as red kratom, when in fact, they are not.  At Kiody, all of our kratom comes from Indonesia and is authentic and pure in every way.

How does Red Kratom work?

Red kratom is one of the most potent kratom leaf types. Compared to its other-color kratom cousins, red kratom has a much heavier effect on the psyche, particularly when ingested via the leaves or in a powder form.

Red kratom, like all other kratom, contains the psychoactive “mitragynine” – which is similar in effect to many opioids. For this reason, red kratom is the closest type of kratom leaf to an opioid substance, and has the heaviest of psychological effects. Don’t expect red kratom to get you up and around and bouncing off the walls. Quite the opposite, red kratom is viewed in the industry as a relaxant. This relaxing quality of red kratom makes it a firm favorite for those who wish to combine their red kratom use with, say, an early-day dose of white kratom, which is popular for its energy- producing effects.

It has been said that red kratom effects are among the longest-lasting of all three kratom strains, lasting for between six to eight hours. This long-lasting capacity, in combination with it’s relaxation properties, make red kratom the perfect before-bed choice for those who wish to wind down and sleep well after a hard day.

What are some of the benefits of red kratom?

Red kratom is great for relaxation and will provide a wide variety of benefits that not only help in the fight with chronic pain but also it reduces the symptoms associated with stress:  Now, this relaxation property of red kratom can take many forms. It has been shown to decrease anxiety and stress. It has also been shown to briefly relieve pain and muscle aches.  


Kiody sources the best from Indonesia.

How much red kratom do I take?

One of the most important things to know about red kratom is that it is incredibly potent. It is one of the most potent strains of kratom in existence and should therefore be taken sparingly and with respect for its strength. Red kratom is generally not recommended for beginners, who can find the same effects in other, less potent, strains of kratom. However, if you think that red kratom is right for you, it is important that you take less, rather than more to start out with. 1g may suffice, then build up your tolerance from there. It is not advised that anyone take more than 8g of red kratom per day and with such a potent product, as mentioned above – less is often more.

While there isn’t enough research to officially codify the addictiveness of red kratom – it is entirely possible for people to become addicted to kratom products. It is also entirely possible for people to use kratom products sparingly and properly. It is generally advised that anyone starting out with red kratom either combine red kratom with something a little less potent, or start out by microdosing on red kratom until you reach the desired effectiveness – and then stay at that dosage in order to avoid negative side- effects.

What are some characteristics of Red kratom?

How does red kratom compare with other strains?

In general, red kratom is more potent than either green or white kratom strains. The primary difference between the three is that they are all used for different things – but white and green kratom have much more in common with each other, in terms of their similar effects on the body. Red kratom, however, is in a league of its own – as mentioned above, it is mostly a relaxant, and a very powerful one, whereas white or green kratom, are known for their spirit-lifting, energy-inducing effects. Ideally, red kratom should be combined with other types of kratom to produce a full-day effect. If you take white or green kratom in the morning to wake yourself up and set about your day, then red kratom would be an ideal choice for the evening, in order to calm yourself down and help you sleep better.

Where do I buy red kratom?

Of course, we recommend you purchase your kratom from us, but the main thing is to make sure you purchase your kratom from a reliable and trustworthy source.  Not just because of quality and fair pricing, but also for safety reasons.  We back every ounce of our kratom with a money-back guarantee.  If you are interested in finding out more details about White Kratom or any other type of kratom, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help.