Green Kratom Ketapang

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  • Green Ketapang is a well-balanced strain with average amounts of both alkaloids Mitragynine 7-Hydroxymitrragyne, meaning users experience the effects of both fairly equally.
  • It’s one of the fastest-acting strains, usually working in less than an hour.
  • It provides high stimulation in low amounts and relaxation in larger doses.
  • Green Ketapang has a reputation for sitting right in between stimulation and sedation for many people.
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  • It is said to induce positive thoughts and sustain energy.
  • At higher doses, it is relaxing, with a lot of users saying it helps with muscle tension at the end of the day without putting them out like a sedative red might.
  • Low doses can be great for mornings, with people substituting it for their morning coffee a lot of times, without the crash of caffeine. It is energetic, but not as high energy as white strains, which can be too much for some people.

Green Ketapang for Anxiety-

  • As balanced as it is, Green Ketapang is a mixed bag for anxiety. This is because of its significantly stimulating low-dose effects and relaxing high-dose effects. Depending on the dosage and person taking it, it may help with easing the mind, but may also cause some anxiety in others.