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What is Kratom?

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What is Kratom:  Kratom is a large tree that grows naturally. It is 12 to 30 feet high and produces large, dark, oval-shaped green leaves. The tree prefers moist, humid environments and needs fertile soil, plenty of sunlight, and protection from strong winds to survive. Their leaves shed and regrow throughout the year, but they are more plentiful during the rainy season in the area.

A bunch of light yellow flowers with hundreds of buds blooms on the tree. Kratom is a common supplement herb made from the leaves of an evergreen tree. It is known to contain alkaloid compounds, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. What once started as a traditional stimulant herb is now consumed in different beneficial ways, depending on preference and localities.

History of kratom
: Mitragyna speciosa (also known as kratom) is a Southeast Asian tropical evergreen tree belonging to the coffee family. It’s native to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea, where it’s been used in herbal medicine since the 1800s.

In Thailand, the leaves are traditionally dried and crushed it then converted into a paste that is easily swallowed or mix it into tea. Kratom has only recently gained popularity among Western users in Europe and the United States. Kratom has been used in Indochina and Southeast Asia for medical uses since the Dutch colonial period, and possibly for thousands of years before that.

Benefits of kratom: In the ancient Asian medicine, Kratom has been used for hundreds of years in Asia as a natural home remedy. Traditionally, it has been used to treat: Fatigue, Pain, and Diarrhea. Kratom has only recently gained popularity among Western users in Europe and the United States. According to the American Kratom Association (AKA), a consumer advocacy organization, 10-16 million people in the United States drink kratom on a daily basis, either as ground leaves in food or as tea. In the recent past and currently, Kratom leaves are used as mild stimulants which helps to raise general mood levels in people who are depressed and patients of psychology. Medically, Kratom leaves are used to help fight pains in people suffering from arthritis and cancer. Just like other pain relief drugs like Vicodin (hydrocodone) and OxyContin (oxycodone), Kratom compounds attach to the pain receptors in the brain and act as a comfort to the patient.

Health Benefits

Taking kratom has been linked to a number of health benefits, according to research:

Libido Enhancement

Kratom has been investigated as a possible supplement for sexual enhancement. Researchers looked at a number of clinical trials and published their conclusions on kratom’s aphrodisiac effects. They discovered that kratom is an effective plant-based sexual enhancer.

Kratom for Pain Relief

Kratom is available in three separate strains, all of these are effective pain relievers. By binding to opioid receptors, the white vein, green vein, and red vein varieties provide pain relief. 7-hydroxymitragynine, a compound present in kratom, is 13 times more potent than morphine.

Despite the fact that kratom binds to opioid receptors similar to morphine and codeine, it is classified as an atypical opioid.


Kratom has many mood-enhancing effects. According to reports, kratom is a successful remedy for opioid addiction. It has been known to assist with morphine and ethanol withdrawal symptoms. Other research suggests that kratom may be used as an antidepressant and appetite suppressant. Researchers discovered that kratom reduces corticosterone levels in mice in one animal study. Corticosterone levels that are too high have been attributed to depression.

Kratom supplementation suppressed hunger in rats in another study by inhibiting the hypothalamus, the portion of the brain responsible for appetite and cravings. To see if kratom has comparable effects in humans, further research is required.

In Weight loss: In people dealing with obesity, the herb is used, to control satiety by affecting to the pituitary glands in the brain.

The most notable advantage of Kratom is that it aids in the treatment of opioid addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Uses of kratom

Kratom is a supplement used as an energy booster, mood enhancer, pain relief, and opioid withdrawal cure. The reality regarding kratom, on the other hand, is more complex.

Kratom is also common at music festivals and other leisure activities. People who use kratom for healing claim it’s pure and harmless because it’s made from plants.

Kratom is generally brewed as a tea for the self-management of pain and opioid removal. Other types of this botanical, such as kratom capsules, tablets, liquids, and resin, are used in addition to chewing leaves and making tea from powder. Some people even smoke kratom, but this isn’t the safest way to take it. Kratom capsules are becoming increasingly common. Why are people opting for kratom capsules instead of crushed powders? There are 3 main reasons people choose capsules over powders:

Capsules are convenient

People prefer kratom capsules because they’re easier to take than tea. There’s no prep effort involved and all you need is a glass of water.

If you’re drawn to going through the motions of tradition, you’ll probably enjoy dosing out powdered kratom into your tea bags or tea maker, brewing it, and then sipping the hot liquid for a while.

Capsules provide a convenient and easy way to get kratom into your system so you can enjoy the aids without doing any hard work. If you’re late for work, you can take a few seconds to swallow a capsule before exit the house.

 Capsules are discreet

Capsules make it possible to take kratom discreetly. While it’s perfectly legal, it’s a controversial botanical. There are potential negative side effects and since it has opioid-like possessions, many people consider it no different from traditional opioids. About the fact that kratom is key component binds to opioid receptors, many people have discovered that it offers long-term relaxation without the drawbacks of conventional opioids.

Are kratom capsules safe to consume?

The protection of kratom, as that of any other herb, plant, or medication, is dependent on a number of factors. Some people cannot use kratom due to medical conditions that make it dangerous. Many people who will be good with high-quality, clean kratom have been affected by consuming impure, tainted kratom.

For the time being, kratom is legal and accessible to anybody who wants to try it.

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Can we use? Kratom is legal in the United States. In the United States, kratom is typically marketed as an alternative medicine. It’s sold in supermarkets that offer vitamins and complementary drugs.Kratom is a flexible botanical that has yet to be fully explored and registered. As a result, it’s best to start with a small amount of kratom. Among everything, you can purchase pure kratom from a reputable source.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet allowed kratom use, however as its popularity grows and its use and properties become better understood, the FDA may decide to investigate.

At the end, the problem of prescription drug abuse is a complex problem. It should be fought at the national, state, and even personal level thanks to its wide-ranging and damaging implications. Whatever tool works best for free people to support this tragic problem must be used if kratom will help people feel less anxious when they have to avoid taking drugs, it has to be one of the most effective resources available. At last, we can say that excess of everything in life is bad. We should avoid it. With proper use, we can take benefits from this botanical herb.