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The Ultimate Guide to Red Maeng Da

Kratom’s popularity is on the upswing in the U.S. As more and more people discover the uses of Mitragyna speciosa and its role in their wellness routine, the more they’re interested in the different varieties available. Kratom strains and substrains have different properties to them which induce different effects. Whether you’re new to the world of kratom or an experienced user, you’ve probably heard of Red Maeng Da kratom. Descriptions of its origin vary, but what’s undisputed is that it’s one of the most popular strains of kratom out there — and possibly the most potent as well.

 The Strain of Legend

Maeng Da kratom is harvested deep in the jungles of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The unusually high potency of Maeng Da kratom has sparked a number of theories as to how it came into being. Some say that it’s a special cultivar; that Thai farmers, in search of the best kratom, spent generations grafting different species of Mitragyna speciosa until they arrived at a strain especially concentrated in alkaloids. Others claim that it’s a biochemically enhanced blend of the most potent leaves and strains available. In either case, the farmers were so happy with the result, that they named it Maeng Da, or “pimp grade” kratom.

 Why the “Red?”

Red Maeng Da kratom is a special red-vein powder preparation of the herb. Other substrains of Maeng Da include white and green, all of which are essentially from the same tree. The “red” is a reference to the color of the kratom leaves when they’re harvested. The position of the leaves and how much sunlight they’re exposed to determines their vein and stem color. In general, as the kratom tree matures and the leaves grow to receive more exposure, this color shifts from white to green and then to red. This is why red Maeng Da kratom descriptions state it’s the most potent of the three substrains.

 Is It the Right Blend for You?

Generally speaking, Maeng Da kratom is a divisive topic amongst kratom users. Many believe this is what kratom ought to be, while others find its effects to be too overwhelming. Experienced users who want more out of their kratom routine and are looking for increased potency often prefer this variant. Research shows a relationship between natural alkaloids and sedation and relaxation. People who’re new to kratom, however, prefer to try its other variants or the white and green substrains and work their way up to red Maeng Da kratom. In any case, if you’re trying a new strain, it’s probably a good idea to start out small.

Where Is It Available?

The current geographic origins of Maeng Da kratom aren’t limited to Thailand. Many of the original trees have been shifted to Indonesia, which is where we source our own Premium Maeng Da from. Our partners harvest the leaves and export them, where they’re milled minutes before they’re encapsulated. When you buy with us, you’re getting the pick of the best leave from the stash.

Kratom is difficult to find at local stores in the U.S. While it’s not federally prohibited, there are ambiguities associated with its legality depending on the state in question. We recommend that you always buy your kratom online from trustworthy, third-party verified vendors who can deliver a clean product. Our own kratom, for instance, is rigorously checked to weed out impurities, adulterants, and heavy metals to provide you with safe, 100% pure kratom.

Of course, we recommend you purchase your kratom from us, but the main thing is to make sure you purchase your kratom from a reliable and trustworthy source. Not just because of quality and fair pricing, but also for safety reasons. We back every ounce of our kratom with a money-back guarantee. If you are interested in finding out more details about White Kratom or any other type of kratom, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help.