The Wellness Benefits of Kratom Tea

It’s no secret that a warm cup of tea can instantly improve your mood. But, did you know that a cup of kratom tea can have numerous proven health and wellness benefits?

Kratom can boost your mood

Having a positive outlook and improved mindset is the key to success, improved relationships, and better overall health.  In addition, activities like watching sports with a friend, having a soak in the bath, or meeting up with friends for movies can all improve your day.  Exercise is also a huge factor in feeling better about yourself and life in general. Hobbies and doing things you know you are good at from cooking and dancing to art and design, enjoying small successes can lead to bigger successes in areas of your life that are challenging.   We recommend avoiding too much alcohol and junk food as bad nutrition can lead to low energy and even low mood swings.  

tea brewed in the pot

If you find yourself doing all these positive things, but still feeling a bit down…  Kratom can improve your mood, as it’s known to stimulate the effects of a euphoriant on your general demeanor. In fact, hand-in-hand with these mood-boosting properties, kratom has even been shown to have antidepressant qualities – one recent study found that kratom lowered corticosterone levels in mice –  high levels of this are commonly related to depression. Additionally, it can also relieve anxiety and aid relaxation, making for all-around wellness in one little cup.

Kratom can help with pain-relief

Many people discover the benefits of kratom thanks to its pain-relieving properties. The white, green, and red strains of kratom have all been shown to relieve chronic pain by attaching to the body’s opioid receptors – and in a US medical study, 91% of those surveyed said that they endorsed kratom for pain relief. In fact, there’s even a particular compound which is found in kratom (7-hydroxymitragynine, to be precise) which is actually 13 times stronger than morphine. Who knew tea could be quite so strong?

Kratom as an aphrodisiac

You may have heard of oysters, chocolate, and herbs being used as aphrodisiacs. But did you know that kratom tea can be far more effective in stimulating the libido? Anecdotally, people around the world rave about its libido-boosting abilities, while one medical study also found that daily consumption of kratom improved sexual function in men. If you are looking for an effective plant-based way to enhance your sex drive, whatever your gender, look no further than a simple cup of kratom tea.

Effects on brain and behavior

sipping tea

Kratom can have the following mental, emotional, and behavioral benefits:

  • Better focus
  • reduced anxiety
  • enhanced mood
  • euphoria
  • increased talkativeness and outgoing behavior

Effects on body

Kratom can have the following benefits on your body:

  • increased energy
  • reduced pain and aches
  • muscle relaxation

Another benefit of kratom tea is that it is a very efficient and quick delivery system.  Drinking tea keeps your body hydrated. A well-hydrated body reduces the chances of constipation and helps your system maintain regularity.

The benefits of kratom are almost too many to catalog.  We often find our clients report benefits that we have never even heard before.  Things like reduced snoring, better balance, and even increasing the sensitivity of smell and taste.  The effects vary from individual to individual, but they are many!

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