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Is Kratom A Drug?

Kratom has a dubious history internationally and in the United States, its current legal status is, shall we say, complicated. But this is the dictionary definition of “drug”: “A drug is any substance that causes a change in an organism’s physiology or psychology when consumed.” So, by that definition kratom is definitely a “drug”. But the word tends to carry with it a whole plethora of negative connotations that don’t really apply to kratom – unless kratom is used irresponsibly. Before we answer the question of whether or not kratom is actually a drug, it might help you to know a bit about kratom.

What is kratom?

Kratom is the byproduct of the kratom tree, which is found in many countries in Southeast Asia, growing naturally. Upon this tree, there are kratom leaves, from which kratom is produced. These leaves are snatched from the vines by kratom harvesters, who either eat the leaves whole or boil them into tea.

The next step in the harvesting process of kratom is to dry the leaves. This is done either in the hot sunlight, or (in larger commercial kratom growers), under UV light. The dry leaves are then ground into a powder, which is the most common form of kratom product. That powder is then sometimes encapsulated and sold in that form.

This powder is often mixed with a drink or tea and consumed that way, or capsules are swallowed with a drink. Interestingly, if kratom is consumed with a citrusy fruit juice like lemonade or orange juice, the efficacy rate is accelerated – so you begin to feel the effects much faster.

There are many different types of kratom, here are the three main strains of kratom and their effects:

Green Kratom

Green kratom is best known for its pick-me-up qualities. It, like all kratom, contains mitragynine, which is the chemical component that gives this type of kratom its kick. Green kratom has been shown to increase alertness and mental clarity and to increase focus. In higher doses, green kratom has also been shown to decrease anxiety levels and combat depression. Green kratom can also combat fatigue and help chronic pain sufferers with muscle aches.

Red Kratom

Red kratom is the complete opposite of green kratom. It is picked very late in the maturation process of the leaf, hence the red coloring. This also gives it a particularly potent kick – red kratom is best known as a relaxant. It’s used in the evenings to help those who suffer from poor sleep and restlessness. In very high doses, it has also been said to combat chronic pain, though due to the potency of red kratom, high doses are not recommended. Users often find that low to mid-range doses of between 1-3 grams is enough.

White Kratom

White kratom is sort of a “middle of the road” solution to users. Those who want the pick-me-up effects of green kratom in the morning, along with the wind-down properties found in red kratom, in the evening or later in the day, as the effects of white kratom change over time. White kratom begins in your body as a stimulant and ends as a less-powerful relaxant. In turn, some users use white kratom throughout the day to beat ‘the wall’ in the middle of the afternoon. White kratom is favorable for newcomers to kratom because it doesn’t have the power behind it of green or red kratom, making it a gentler adjustment substance to take.

So, is kratom a drug?

By the dictionary definition, yes. Technically, kratom is a drug – and one can definitely become addicted to kratom – so, for all intents and purposes, yes, kratom is a drug. The important thing with kratom is to use it as needed, because you want to, not because you need to. Certain substrains of kratom are particularly powerful indeed and should only be used by those with exposure and experience to kratom. It’s why kratom is often suggested in low doses for new users so that their bodies can adjust and adapt.

Where do I buy kratom?

Given that kratom’s legal status in the United States is dubious at best, kratom can be bought online. If you’re interested in seeing if kratom is the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll get you acquainted with kratom in a safe, respectful manner – respectful to both you and the substance – because this is very important with any drug use. We can help you figure out what type of kratom is right for you, based on your symptoms. We can help you figure out what dosage is the best for you and in what form you’ll want to buy your kratom product.