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4 Benefits of Buying Kratom in Bulk

One of the things Kiody Kratom does especially well is encouraging our customers to buy kratom in bulk because, well, it’s a benefit to your lifestyle AND your wallet. Here, we’ll explain the advantages of buying kratom in bulk in Colorado Springs.

1. Ensure a Constant Supply of Kratom

Most customers purchase kratom to make it part of their life. And after trying an initial sample, you’ll generally settle on an amount that you’re happy with along with a handful of favorite strains.

If you’ve got to the point that you’re happy with your strain, buying kratom in bulk ensures that you always have enough when you need it and time to spare for ordering more. If you find that you have a surplus of kratom, you can always store it in mason jars or freeze it for later use.

2. Secure Your Strain Before it Runs Out

As we mentioned, it’s common for kratom enthusiasts to find a strain that they love — whether it’s red, green, or a blend of the two. When you buy kratom in bulk, you can make sure you have plenty of your favorite strain and don’t have to worry about it being out of stock.

When you see your strain in our exclusive deals, you not only secure the strain for yourself (before it’s taken), you can also get your strain at a discount — reducing the total price compared to what you would have paid if you had bought your strain at retail price.

3. Cut Down on Transportation Miles

When you buy kratom in bulk in the USA, you’ll generally be looking at an online vendor that ships from a central location to all 50 states. This means that to get your kratom to you, we send it via a system of courier or delivery trucks — biking would simply take too long!

If you buy kratom in bulk once a month (or whatever frequency you need), you’re helping to cut down on trips to your home and reducing your kratom carbon footprint while enjoying the freshest possible kratom, sealed securely in an airtight bag.

4. Reduce Excess Packaging 

Packaging is another issue for kratom providers — the packaging must be secure enough to keep your kratom fresh while being lightweight enough for shipping. Other options like glass mason jars or stainless-steel tins would lead to much higher costs for our customers.

If you don’t live close enough to come to our door with your own container, buying kratom in bulk is one of the best ways to cut down on packaging. Once you receive your order, you can always separate your kratom into smaller reusable packets or jars to prevent the excess from spoiling.

Buy Kratom in Bulk in the Colorado Springs

When looking to you can find it in more than one form. Although the powder is the most common, the other ways of taking kratom are widely embraced.

  • Powder kratom (tea) is prepared by grinding dry kratom leaves
  • Kratom capsules contain a pre-measured amount of kratom powder
  • Kratom extracts are made by obtaining the active compounds from the leaves through boiling

Ready to buy kratom in bulk? Whether you’re after kratom powder or kratom capsules, we offer everything from 100 grams packets all the way to 1000 gram packets. With every increase in size, you save more!

You can learn more about our premium, 100% pure kratom by reading our frequently asked questions, and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us for customer support with a smile.