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How Do I Store Kratom

Storing kratom properly will massively increase your enjoyment of this amazing herb, but why is storage such a big deal?

Kratom is derived from Mytriana Speciosa, an evergreen shrub in the same family as coffee. Coffee and kratom have one thing in common: they’re best served FRESH!

This article will ask questions like: how long can you store kratom safely? What conditions are necessary for long-term kratom storage? Will you need specialist equipment? Is storing kratom easy? And what are the main things I should avoid to keep my kratom fresh?

We’ll share our best tips on storing kratom, arming you with the knowledge to store your kratom safely, easily, and efficiently. Before we begin, however, let’s take a deeper look at why it’s so important to store your kratom correctly.

Why Is Storing Kratom Correctly Important?

Kratom generally lasts up to three months. During this period, two alkaloids (mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine) begin to deteriorate. Storing kratom correctly can preserve these compounds, extending the shelf life to over a year.

Why do we want to preserve these alkaloids? Because they’re chiefly responsible for the positive effects and flavors of your kratom. Storing kratom correctly helps keep these flavors just right. 

Exposing your kratom to oxygen, for instance, can speed up the degradation of the alkaloids, which will completely ruin the flavors.

You want to store your kratom correctly for the same reasons you keep your wine corked until you drink it. It’s the same reason you keep your coffee grounds in a sealed container. To preserve freshness and effectiveness, and to keep it safe.

Poorly stored kratom can, in extreme cases, develop mold. If you see mold on anything you plan to consume, you need to immediately rethink those plans. Toss that kratom in the trash, read this article, and buy a fresh supply.

Tips For Storing Kratom

Now we’ve explained why storing kratom is so important, it’s time for a few tips. In this section, you’ll find an explanation of some of the most crucial aspects of preserving your kratom.

Use Air-Tight Jars

 As soon as the leaves come off the tree, they begin breaking down due to light and oxygen exposure. Storing kratom powder in mason jars with an air-tight lid helps delay this chemical reaction from taking place.

You need to make sure you only use new containers with secure lids. An old jar may not seal properly, making it ineffective.

Another popular method is to use vacuum-sealed food-grade plastic bags when storing kratom for short periods. It also makes splitting your powder or extract into individual doses much easier. For best results, use a brand new bag for each batch.

Stay Clear Of Uv Light

 If you plan on storing kratom long-term, it’s imperative that you don’t leave your container in the sun. UV rays speed up the aging process of this substance, accelerating the time it takes your product to go off. A clear sign of this is if your powder becomes pale in color.

It’s in your best interest to use an opaque container no matter where you leave your capsules or powder. If you plan on storing kratom in air-tight glass jars, you can paint the outside or use non-transparent paper on the inside.

Keep Your Kratom Dry 

Moisture can create serious issues if it gets inside your containers, no matter what form this substance is in. If mold starts to grow while you’re storing kratom in jars, your only option is to throw everything away.

You can avoid these moisture issues by putting the container in a dark, dry place. Don’t leave your jars in the bathroom as the humidity levels are too high, for example.

Maintain Cool Temperatures 

Heat can rapidly accelerate the degradation of kratom products. Maintaining cool temperatures while storing kratom in jars is crucial to slow down the aging process.

Using a dark room or cellar is a solid option as the temperature shouldn’t fluctuate widely during the day. Another solution is to store your kratom in a fridge or freezer. 

A fridge is brilliant for keeping your powder or caps cold for the short term. Remember to make sure there’s no moisture build-up in your containers and don’t leave your jars near strong-smelling foods. 

A freezer is the best choice when it comes to storing kratom long-term. It helps keep your powder dry and fresh, allowing you to enjoy the maximum benefits of this substance. 

If you opt for the freezer route, we recommend taking your powder out and allowing it to defrost before removing the lid. That way, you don’t have to worry about water droplets from the condensation ruining the consistency of your kratom.