Nano K Chocolate Minis – Box of 20

$ 239.99

Nano K Chocolate Minis

Delicious ALL NATURAL mini chocolate squares that taste great and pack a punch!  Nano K chocolates are infused with the highest quality water soluble kratom extract on the market.  Infusing the chocolate hides the taste of kratom almost 100%.
Recommended only 1 mini every 30 minutes. 
100mg Mitragynine Kratom extract per piece.  20 pieces per box.$239.99 per box 

Kratom powder’s flavor is less than desirable to many. Well introducing our delicious 100MG Nano K Chocolate Bars! They are a perfect solution for those looking for a more delicious option. In addition to its creamy and luxurious texture we have found that Chocolate seems to be a perfect companion to Kratom by enhancing its energetic effects and complementing its flavors beautifully.

What exactly is Nano K? Nano K is a super special method for extracting the beneficial compounds that Kratom possesses. Nano K uses a technique in which they
“nano-emulsify” their extract which breaks down the active Mitragynine Molecules allowing our bodies to absorb them much easier and faster providing greater relief. Each product is third party lab tested to maintain accuracy and transparency within the kratom community.