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Mitragyna Speciosa, more commonly referred to as kratom, is an evergreen tropical tree in the coffee family hailing from South Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The herb has its roots deeply embedded in the ancient Indonesian and Thai culture throughout ages, where it is immensely valued for its striking flavor, lingering scent, and therapeutic applications.

One of the most popular and celebrated ways to use Kratom is brewing a piping hot cup of tea, and enjoying all its health benefits. Kratom tea promises to satisfy every taste bud- whether one chooses to prepare a fresh or a piquant formula that can be strong, neutral, or light.

Why Kratom is Effective for Weight Loss


What Properties of Kratom Can Support Weight Loss?

While further research is needed to better understand its active pathways, initial studies have highlighted two components: mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which are both alkaloids that occur naturally in kratom. These alkaloids appear to work with certain receptors in your brain and are generally believed to be responsible for the range of effects attributed to kratom, including its energizing effects. 

Many weight loss pills include some sort of stimulant. This is because stimulants have been shown to induce appetite suppression. One study on the benefits of stimulants for controlling appetite and consumption found that “stimulant medications address both reward deficiency and enhance motivation, as well as suppressing appetite.” This underlying mechanism may help explain why other stimulants like coffee (or caffeine) are popular supplements to individual weight loss efforts.

Though more research is needed to fully understand the effects and active properties of kratom, weight loss has been reported as a side effect of kratom use. Additionally, a pharmacologic and clinical assessment of kratom indicates that both a loss of appetite and weight loss were reported side effects of kratom use. It is not yet clear how these side effects may be connected, or how common they are among kratom users.


What’s the Best Kratom for Weight Loss?

There’s no right answer when it comes to what kratom is the best for weight loss, as each individual will vary in their experience with kratom. Some options include Maeng Da and Thai, but you can visit other kratom vendors to find high-quality kratom that helps your weight loss goals.

■ Maeng Da

Maeng Da is a very potent blend that contains a high concentration of therapeutic alkaloids that are ideal for long-lasting relief from restlessness or jitters you may be experiencing. You can find this kratom online in several varieties, which gives you flexibility when it comes to finding the right strain for your weight loss journey.

■ Thai

Thai kratom is another option for individuals that want to lose weight, as it provides energy and also suppresses the appetite. Thai kratom lasts just as long as Maeng Da kratom, which is due to mitraphylline – an alkaloid that is present in this strain prevalently. This is the most potent of strains for appetite suppression and energy, so you should start with a lower dose.

Benefits of Kratom for Weight Loss 

Appetite Suppressant

While there are common things that most users of kratom will experience, not every individual has the same experience even if they take the same exact dose of the same exact strain.

Good quality kratom can lead to a suppression of the appetite, which means less calories consumed throughout your day. Some strains, however, can result in an increased appetite, so it’s a good idea to try different strains and figure out how they work for you.

If you find the right strain, you’ll find your caloric intake reduced significantly when taking kratom on a regular basis. Red strains are more likely to induce appetite suppression, but you may also find your appetite suppressed when taking white or green kratom strains.

You will also be able to suppress your appetite without feeling the ill effects that can be caused by using other medications or supplements.

Enhanced Motivation

When you’re overweight and unhappy with your current physical state, you may find it difficult to get motivated and pumped up. This motivation is typically fleeting anyway, but it can be difficult to start when you’ve got nothing to start from.

Kratom strains that enhance mood and energy can be a gift for those looking to lose weight, keeping their motivation in check and ensuring that individuals are able to kick start their journey and maintain energy throughout tough days. This works because receptors are stimulated in the brain, which enhances optimism and allows you to fully take charge of your day.

Using kratom, you’ll find it much easier to get up and get going when it comes to your weight loss. If you’re ready to take control of your body, you may consider kratom strains that are white or green.