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Does Kratom Affect Testosterone?

Kratom is one of the most commonly used psychoactive plants. It is native to Thailand and Southeast Asia, but it is not being used in the rest of the world. In Europe and the United States of America, the legal status of Kratom is still a matter of debate. Still, it is being used there, and there are different vendors selling in-store and online consumers ready to experience this widely used plant.

There are different theories attached to the use of Kratom. In this blog, we are particularly going to address one very common myth/theory that is generally associated with the use of Kratom. One of these myths recently came under our radar: that there exists a connection between kratom and testosterone.

The Purpose of Testosterone

Testosterone is a natural hormone that plays a variety of essential roles within your body. The hypothalamus, a region in your brain, controls the production of testosterone. Testosterone is often associated with masculine behavior, but the hormone is present in both men and women. It also plays an important biological function!

Testosterone is essential for the physical development of muscles in an individual. It helps promote healthy bone density. The hormone also plays a vital role in a man’s sexual prowess. As levels of testosterone diminish, so does a man’s libido, which is very important for any sexually active guy.

For years, proponents of the Mitragyna plant have attempted to build a kratom-testosterone bridge. Their main claim? That kratom products increase libido—sex drive—in kratom users, especially female users. This is perhaps due to varying levels of testosterone after ingestion. And on the other end of the spectrum, others perpetuated claims that kratom actually lowered their testosterone levels. 

Does Kratom Affect Testosterone?

The benefits of Kratom are more likely to be more accessible. There are only minor side effects that show up in the case of mismanagement in Kratom dosage.

A less common side effect is that Kratom may reduce testosterone levels. Usually, the users who try Kratom for testosterone boost are very less. Still, this issue needs awareness.

This verdict was concluded by a group of scientists who decided to conduct a test to see whether kratom affected the testosterone levels in regular kratom users to see if the effects of opioid-induced androgen deficiency were present. So for two months, the researchers observed the bloodwork of 19 separate male kratom users that the doctors chose for the experiment. The researchers only considered long-term kratom users to join the trial. 

Fortunately, the research suggested that regular kratom use does not suppress the production of testosterone in male subjects. Even with regular daily intake, the results indicated that kratom consumption did not affect the circulating testosterone in healthy male adults. The biochemical data remained normal, too. But it is necessary to acknowledge that the results of the study are very limited to an application to a broader range of men. And that’s because they used a small sample size. But according to the results established in the experiment, it does bode well for a more comprehensive study. Perhaps in another experiment, the scientists will conduct a more in-depth scientific trial to demonstrate changes in testosterone levels in regular kratom users as they age.

How Does Kratom Affect The Body? 

While kratom does not directly affect testosterone levels, based on a recent study, there are other ways the plant affects your body. Kratom is a natural product with a rich history in Southeast Asia, where Mitragyna trees grow amid dense tropical rainforests. When taken, the plant is known to offer a variety of powerful benefits to kratom users. Kratom users report better sleep, reduced symptoms of mental health conditions, and decreased dependence on chemical-based products as the primary reasons for taking kratom.

In addition, kratom products are separated into three distinct categories, each bringing about distinct properties:

  • Red Vein Kratom: known to help kratom users relax, unwind, and better fall asleep at the end of a long day!
  • White Vein Kratom: the energizing kratom strain—known to promote productivity and wakefulness!
  • Green Vein Kratom: a hybrid of red vein and white vein, the perfect strain for a daily wellness boost!

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