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Kratom Powder or Capsules? Which Form is Better?

In the world of kratom, there’s no shortage of different ways to get your daily dose. Among the most popular are kratom capsules, which combine the pure kratom experience with unparalleled convenience. Another similar option is kratom tablets — and though kratom tablets and capsules have a lot in common, they’re quite different when you take a closer look.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is one of the most-used forms of Kratom. This is because it acts quicker than the capsules. Kratom powder is prized for its ability to instantly enhance one’s mood, and even alleviate discomfort quickly.

The only drawback of using kratom powder is its strong unpleasant taste. A lot of people may not find the bitter taste of this very welcoming for their palate. Another reason why people often avoid using Kratom powder is the mess that it calls for.

Mitragyna speciosa or kratom leaves with medicinal products in capsules and powder in white ceramic bowl and wooden table

One has to carefully measure the kratom powder before consuming it and this means that it is very likely for one to spill it at different places.

Kratom powder is prepared by grinding sun-dried Kratom leaves. The fresh leaves of the plant are left to dry for a day or two until all of the moisture in the plant evaporates completely. After this, these dried leaves are ground in a mortar (traditionally) or in proper grinding machines in the factories.

It can be mixed in any beverage of one’s choice or can be used for making herbal kratom tea, which is very soothing and produces relaxation and calm.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom users have always enjoyed the herb in many different forms. Powders have been very popular in the wake of the Kratom popularity, with people using it to concoct Kratom teas and drinks. Some people even prefer even more traditional approaches like directly chewing on the leaves. However, that’s all changed ever since more and more Kratom users began to know about capsules and the many benefits that they pack into their gel structure.

Kratom capsules have now emerged as the safest way to consume Kratom, especially for beginners who don’t do so well when it comes to precise powder weight. Here are some of the reasons capsules have outshined the traditional powder form.

While many people have loved the herb, the taste has never been one of Kratom’s strong suits. Kratom is known to have an earthy, herbal scent that many find overpowering and hard to manage. That’s why turning it into a drink or a hot beverage or just gulping down the powder with some water has never been a pleasant experience for many. But Kratom capsules have changed all that — the gelatin shell makes sure that the user tastes or smells nothing, making it easy to swallow for people with a sensitive gag reflex.

Another great pro about Kratom capsules in comparison to powder is that the experience is entirely hassle-free and discreet. You don’t need to take a plastic bag and a spoon out in public when you need to consume Kratom. There’s no measuring involved or any fear of passers-by wondering what you’re taking. You just take out a capsule with a pre-measured dose and pop it in; it’s that easy and convenient.

Which Is More Potent?

When you read the label of a kratom capsule, you will see a ratio such as 2:1. This shows that kratom extract is two times stronger than its powder form.

Since kratom capsules contain more alkaloids than powder, the extract is more potent. The high concentration of alkaloids makes it appear darker in color.

You can find extract in both powder and liquid form. They are sold as fine powder. You can also buy them as tinctures in the form of liquid.

So, Which Form Is Better?

Kratom benefits can be achieved from both the powder and extract. However, this question depends more upon the consumer taking kratom.

If a person is already consuming kratom, they can consider going for the capsule. The high amount of alkaloids likely cannot harm him; rather, it will likely cause a high effect. The only downside is the cost.

Kratom powder may be better than the capsules as it is less expensive. Kratom extract is concentrated, and therefore it takes extra effort in preparation. This is the reason kratom extract can be expensive.

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